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Story About Us

The Genesis of OLFEY: A Journey Through Senses

OLFEY’s story is one of passion, innovation, and the transformative power of scent. The inception of OLFEY was driven by a simple yet compelling realization: the profound impact of our olfactory senses on our emotions and memories.

Founded by a team of visionaries and scent enthusiasts, OLFEY was born out of a desire to bring a new dimension to how people experience spaces. Our founders, who shared a deep appreciation for the finer things in life, saw an opportunity to revolutionize ambient scenting. They envisioned a brand that would not only create fragrances but craft experiences that linger in memory long after the scent fades.

Looking to the Future: Expanding Our Scented Horizons

As OLFEY continues to grow, so does our vision. We are constantly exploring new scents, technologies, and ways to bring the transformative power of fragrance to more people and spaces. Every new product, every new partnership is a step towards realizing our dream of becoming a leading name in luxury ambient scenting.

Our home has never felt more inviting since we started using Olfey's scenting system. It's incredible how a subtle fragrance can transform the entire atmosphere of our living space. Our guests always comment on how wonderful our home smells.

Guillaume Lecacheux

What impressed me the most about Olfey was the professionalism and quality of their service. They truly understood the needs of my business and delivered a scenting solution that was both effective and refined.

Nishita Todi, Ventures Buddy

I was impressed by the personalized service and attention to detail from Olfey. They took the time to understand our preferences and the result was a custom scent that perfectly fits our space.



Scents Shape Perceptions

84% People’s memories are triggered by scents, making them feel familiar.

20% Increase in Customer Satisfaction leads to happy customers.

63% People buy scented products for creating a positive mood.

65% Humans recall smells with an accuracy after an entire year.

35% Smell memories exceeds touch, hearing, sight, and taste.

Some Facts

Customers are significantly more likely to remember and recognize a brand when it’s associated with a distinct scent. This unique olfactory signature becomes a part of their memory, distinguishing your brand and enhancing recall far more effectively than visual or auditory cues alone.

The right scent has the power to shape consumers’ feelings, beliefs, and overall experience with a business. It can transform a routine shopping trip into an unforgettable experience, or turn an ordinary space into a welcoming haven, ultimately influencing consumer perceptions and decisions.

By creating an emotional connection through scent, businesses can cultivate deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers. This emotional resonance not only enhances the immediate experience but also fosters long-term customer loyalty, as customers are drawn back to the feelings of comfort, luxury, or well-being that your unique scent evokes.

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