Essential Oils for Enhanced Focus and Cognitive Performance

Essential Oils for Enhanced Focus and Cognitive Performance

Essential Oils for Enhanced Focus and Cognitive Performance

Working with complete focus at the office all day is one of the most difficult things. You start your day early and even before noon you start feeling your mind has had enough and you struggle to concentrate for the rest of the day. If you agreed to all this, aromatherapy is for you.

You would be intrigued to know that an aromatherapy regimen for six months can help improve cognitive skills in older people. Aromatherapy with essential oils is a natural solution to improve your focus, concentration, and cognitive function. They simply work by stimulating the olfactory system, which is directly linked to the brain’s limbic system, responsible for emotions, memory, and motivation. If you inhale certain essential oils, such as rosemary, peppermint, or lemon, it will significantly help you with mental clarity, alertness, & overall cognitive performance.

Incorporating aromatherapy into daily routine will help create a conducive environment for prolonged focus & productivity, making it one of the best options for you if you are looking to optimize work performance & mental acuity. In this post, we will share everything about essential oils and how to use them for your mental wellbeing and concentration. So keep reading till the end!

How Essential Oils Help Your Mind
Aromatherapy – is a division of holistic medicine in which we use essential oils extracted from plants to evoke overall wellness. These oils are full of certain chemical compounds which are known for their magical medicinal properties, and even some of them are scientifically proven to provide effective results when it comes to boosting brain functions.

In the brain, there’s a chemical that helps you remember things better. It’s called acetylcholine (ACh). Another chemical, acetylcholinesterase (AChE), keeps the level of ACh balanced. Too much ACh can make you feel sick, get muscle cramps, or have blurry vision.

However, as we start to age, the levels of the neurotransmitter ACh start declining, leading to a lessened short-term memory. If you wish that your optimal cognitive functions continue properly, you must ensure that the amount of this enzyme – AChE stays low in that case.

Why, you may ask! Well, if this enzyme is left to keep working normally- lowering your ACh, then your chances of memory loss increase.
Mental issues like Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive impairment, dementia etc. are usually the result of depleted ACh. Therefore, it’s essential for you to manage it properly by boosting the levels of neurotransmitter ACh and lowering the AChE.

Here’s where essential oils come into play! All you need is a small electric diffuser and one of the below mentioned essential oils.

Top essential oils for boosting focus and clarity

Peppermint oil:
This essential oil has been utilized for ages to enhance cognitive clarity and concentration. Various scientific researches have revealed that – menthol – can enhance cognitive performance, memory, and alertness and is present in peppermint oil.

Lavender Essential Oil:
When it comes to essential oils, lavender is one of the most famous choices as it helps with calming & soothing your mind. It can aid you in lowering stress levels, enhancing sleep quality, and reducing anxiety. Additionally, it has analgesic properties which might assist you with relieved headaches which are linked to brain injury.

Vetiver Essential oil
If you want a multipurpose essential oil that is effective for your skin, hair, body, overall well-being, as well as better cognition function, then vetiver oil will be your best pick. This oil is known as one of the most effective aromatherapy oils, especially for studying/working. This magical oil boosts your focus & stimulates your mind with constructive ideas & positive thoughts. If you are struggling to study or have focus at the workplace then invest in a mini diffuser for desk and give the vetiver oil a go.

This essential oil is not only useful for work / study, but also helps tackle other mental issues such as anxiety, unease, as well as depression.

Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon essential oil is known to be among one of the most diverse aromatherapy oils as it offers a holistic approach to wellbeing and healing. This oil offers asugary, zesty aroma that fills your mind with revitalizing, rejuvenating, and purifying impacts. It is believed to amplify your concentration, enhance your memory retention, & induce mental clarity.

Cedarwood Essential Oil
A study had revealed that Cedarwood Essential Oil offers humans an anxiolytic effect, which means it helps us in lessening anxiety & enhancing mental relaxation. This can be highly advantageous for us while attempting to work on a task with maximum concentration. Moreover, cedarwood contains a soothing, grounding scent which can contribute majorly to instilling calmness & balance.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Eucalyptus is primarily known for it’s decongestant properties. However, it is also a helpful oil to bring focus and clarity to your mind. It also aids in promoting a constructive mindset!

For best results, you can mix it with other essential oils in your small electric diffuser to get maximum benefits for a healthy mind.

One particular essential oil known for its mood-lifting properties is – bergamot Citrus aurantium (L.) var. bergamia. Numerous citruses are popular for their energizing attributes for mind, but bergamot stands out for its better results.

In fact, a study had revealed that bergamot essential oil presented significant data on analgesic characteristics without showing any kind of side effects such as sedation.

Basil Linalool Essential Oil
This is yet another excellent pick to be used with your mini diffuser for desk if you are seeking to boost concentration while studying/working from home. It helps you to get rid of all that brain fog and its soothing aroma boosts excitability in your mind.

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